Ganesh Gen Turn SL42Y2 Hybrid 42MM 8-Axis CNC Swiss Machine

Ganesh Gen Turn SL42Y2 Hybrid 42MM 8-Axis CNC Swiss Machine

$145,500 (USD)

Fridley, MN

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Make: Ganesh Gen Turn

Model: SL 42 Y2

SN: 0266

Year: 2021

Control: Mitisubishi


Spindle Speed Max: 6,000 rpm

Spindle Motor:

10 HP (15 min)

7.5 HP (Constant)

Collet Style for Main & Subspindle: Traub-42 / 173E

Collet Closer Style: Lever Action

Bar Diameter, w/o guide bushing: 1-5/8"


Maximum Turning Length: 4.13"


Spindle Bore Diameter: 1.732"



Speed: 6,000 rpm

Spindle Bearing:

Quad Duplex Pair

Main Spindle Servo Motor:

10 HP (15 min)

7.5 HP (Constant)

Collet Style:

Traub-42 / 173E

Max. Barstock Diameter: 1-5/8"


Spindle Bore Diameter: 1.732"


Maximum Workpiece Length for Front Ejection: 110mm


Main Spindle Stroke: 12.20"


Rapid Traverse Rate, X/Y/Z-1, X/Y/Z-2: 944 ipm

(24 m/min)

X1, Z1 Axis Motor Power: 2 HP

(1.4 kw)

X2, Y1, Y2, Z2 Axis Motor Power: 1 HP

(.75 kw)

X1, Y2 Linear Ways: Ball Bearing

X2, Y1, Z1, Z2 Linear Ways: Roller Bearing

Machine Dimensions: 121"x67"x83"

Power Requirements: 220 Volt, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 80 Amps, 30 kVA

Air Requirement: 85 psi @ 6 cfm


Bar Capacity to Ø1-5/8”,

3-Bank Axial Live Tool,

Double “Y” Axis and Double “C” Axis,

Simultaneous Main & Sub-Spindle Machining,

30-Tools with 8-Driven Tools, Standard

Parts Conveyor,

Chip Conveyor,

2021 Mistbuster 850 Filtration and

2021 Edge 193” Bar Feeder.


ModelGen Turn SL42Y2