ST-36 Parts Tumbler

ST-36 Parts Tumbler

$2,995 Starting at

Fridley, MN

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These Superior Parts Tumblers, are Designed with Quarter Inch Side Walls, 11-Gauge Octagon Side Walls, Two-Ply Rubber Lined Belting, Ultra Quiet 3/4HP Electric Motor with a 40:1 Gear Box. These are sold in Various Sizes to Suit your Specifications.

Additionally these Parts Tumblers are Extremely Efficient at Deburring; Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Steel. 

In-stock parts tumblers are available in popular sizes;



-ST-56 inch length, and 24 inches flat to flat.

Contact Us to requested builds, including custom builds both larger and small. These typically ship between 2 to 3 weeks from your order date.

All of these Tumblers come with a 1-Year Warranty