SF1500HWM – Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

SF1500HWM – Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

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New Hope, MN


Introduction SF1500HWM handheld fiber laser welding machine is excellent at welding all kinds of metal sheets and tubes. This fiber laser welder requires little practice to start using and is very fast. It can save you a lot of time and money on light gauge welding production. The SF1500HWM can go up to 2kw of power. Enough to weld up to 4mm(.16″) on; carbon steel or stainless steel and 2mm(.32″) of brass or aluminum. Technical Parameters Product Features 1) High Efficiency The welding speed of fiber laser welding is twice of traditional welding methods. 2) High Quality The weld seam is smooth. There is no need to polish the weld seam, saving time, manpower and the usage of abrasive medias. 3) Lower Cost 80% to 90% power savings, processing costs are reduced by 30%. 4) Flexible Operation Our Fiber laser welders can be operated with little to no experience. Support The typical welding methods: vertical welding, parallel welding, stitch welding and joint welding. Industry Application Widely used in the; IT industry, medical equipment, machinery manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, craft gifts, appliances manufacturing, automotive, ship building and other light gauge material industries. Application Materials Handheld laser welding machine can be used in welding; stainless steel, aluminum, copper, chromium, nickel, titanium and other metals or alloys.


ModelSF1500HWM handheld laser welding machine
Laser power1.5KW
Laser wave length1,080NM
Welding speedup to 4.72″ /s
Welding gap≤1/5 of the thickness of sheet metal
Welding range1/64″ -5/32″  carbon steel,1/64″ -5/32″ stainless steel,1/64″ -5/64″ aluminum alloy, 1/64″ -5/64″ brass
Cooling modeWater cooling