SFP1313-Laser High-Speed Microporous Machining Equipment

SFP1313-Laser High-Speed Microporous Machining Equipment

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SFP1313-Laser High-Speed Microporous Machining Equipment INTRODUCTION Laser high-speed micro-machining is one of the indispensable, and widely used laser methods in micro-holes processing. With the reduction of the thickness of target material, and the increase of hole matrix density, the traditional machining and galvanometer scanning cannot reach the expected speed and accuracy. Compared with the conventional galvanometer scanning device, high-speed polygon mirror scanning with nanosecond high repetition rate laser can effectively provide high-speed laser precision micro-hole arrays and solve the research projects. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS PROCESSING METHODS Laser lattice scanning Laser linear scanning High-speed BMP bitmap processing Laser drilling Laser linear cutting High density micro-hole array processing laser beam grooving ADVANTAGES OF LASER HIGH-SPEED MICRO-MACHINING EQUIPMENT The scanning speed of a polygon mirror scanner can reach 2000′ /s, which is tenths of times that of the galvanometer, ultra-high speed for precise microporous manufacturing. The high-speed laser micro-processing equipment uses marble surface plate and marble beams to improve the stability and shock resistance of the bed. High-speed laser micro-machining has the advantage of wide application important research value. Different processing needs can be met by optimizing laser processing technology. APPLICATION INDUSTRIES Laser high-speed micro-machining equipment is widely applied to medical industry, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, semiconductor industry, decorative advertising, friction reduction lubrications, sound absorption filtration and cutting-edge research.


Machine size82.2″ x 71.6″ x 78.7″
Workbench size15.74″ x 15.74″
Laser power(w)500
Laser wavelength(nm)1,064
Laser pulse width(ns)30/60/120/240
Laser frequency(khz)2000/1000/500/500
Diameter of focused spot(μm)≤40
Effective focal length16.53″
Scanning range11.8″ x 11.8″
Scanning speed≤2000’/s
Scanning line frequency(hz)1,600
Scanning repeat positioning accuracy(μm)±5μm
Processing methodsLinear mode, dot matrix mode, bmp mode
Positioning methodPolygon mirror scanner is matched with mechanical shaft