Spinner TTS65 Duplex CNC Turning Center

Spinner TTS65 Duplex CNC Turning Center

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The TTS-Duplex Turing Center is a High Performance Turning Center for Simultaneous Machining with Two Turrets:

  • Main- and Sub Spindle
  • Y-Axis
  • Very Dynamic Axis
  • Spinner's Engineered High Speed Servo-Turrets
  • Anti-Vibration Damping System for Higher Cutting Volume
  • 90 Degree Slant Bed Design for Effective Chip-Removal

Primarily Used for Medium and High Volume Complex Turning.

Useable Approximate Workpiece Sizes

Workpiece diameter in Chuck: 0.03"-5.90" (1-150MM)

Workpiece length in chuck: 0.03"-5.90" (1-150MM)


X1/X2-stroke: 7.08" (180MM)

Z1/Z2-stroke: 27.75"/24.40" (705/620MM)

Y1-stroke (turret 1): +/- 1.77"(45MM)


Extra Strong Linear Roller Guideways

Main spindle
Spindle type 1: 0-7.000 Upm , 16,5 / 22 kW bei S1 / S6/40% / 1.65" (42MM)

Spindle type 2: 0-5.000 Upm, 18 / 23kW bei S1 / S6/40% / 2.55" (65mm)

Clamping Cylinder: Hydraulic Version

Maximum spindle bar capacity: 1.65" or 2.55" (42 or 65MM)

Sub spindle

Spindle type 1: 0-7.000 Upm , 16,5 / 22 kW bei S1 / S6/40% / 1.65" (42MM)

Clamping cylinder: hydraulic version


Number of tools: 12

Toolholder: BMT45 or VDI25

CNC-Control systems
Version 1: Siemens 840D Solution Line
Version 2: Fanuc 31iTB

Options available

Turret: Standard

Live tools: Standard

Subspindle: Standard

Y-axis: Standard

Barfeeder: Optional

Automation: Robot and integrated solutions optional


Overall Dimensions L x W x H: 113.38"x83.85"x78.34" (2,880x2,130x1,990MM)

Weight Approximate: 16,535Lbs (7,500Kg)