SFR-Arm200 3D Robot Non-metal Cutter

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SFR-Arm200 3D Robot Non-metal Cutter

New Hope, MN


SFR-Arm200 3D Robot Non-metal Cutter Introduction SFR-Arm200 3D robot Non-metal cutter, using high-precision, flexible FANUC robot, with built-in light arm, it will achieve the transmission of CO2 laser optical path to provide users with efficient, flexible, cost-effective processing solutions. Technical Parameters Product Features FANUC ROBOT M‐20iB is a cable-built multifunctional 6-axis ROBOT with the highest performance in its series. The high strength arm and the first end servo technology can effectively improve the speed and acceleration performance. It will  reduce more than 15% operation time, achieving the highest production capacity in the industry. Applications Interior decoration, seats, external covering parts, bumpers, fenders, automotive, aviation, metal, composite pipes, household appliance shell, refrigerator liner, sanitary ware and safety protection materials.


Laser deviceR300
RobotFanuc M-20iB
3d laser headAK230(RAYTOOLS)
Electric control cabinetSENFENG LMN
Light guide armArm200 (LASERMACH)