SF6020H–Ultra High Power Fiber Laser Sheet Cutter (12-20kw)

SF6020H–Ultra High Power Fiber Laser Sheet Cutter (12-20kw)

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SF6020H–Ultra High Power Fiber Laser Cutter (12-20kw) Introduction SF6020H5 Ultra High Power Laser metal cutter is designed for cutting thick metal plate. The fully enclosed machine can reduce dust and laser emissions with the help of a dust collector provided with the machine. Built with cameras inside and outside the machine; showing the cutting situations and machine situations in real time. Laser power is from 12kw to 20kw, and the max working area can be up to 39.5′x8.3′ . The product passed CE/FDA/ETL certifications. This machine requires 208v @ 200a 3ph / 480v @ 100a 3ph electrical input. Technical Parameters Cutting Material and Thickness (KW) Chart Product Features 1.Monitoring equipment There are cameras inside and outside the machine, monitoring the cuts in real time. 2.Thermostat electric control cabinet. No need to facilitate climate-controlled rooms. Constant temperature, constant humidity, strong environmental adaptability. The service life of electrical components is guaranteed. 3. The small footprint has a compact structure. The machine is 49.6′x12.7′x7.9′ Although the working area has been increased, the footprint of the whole machine has been reduced. Application Materials SF6020H5 ultra high power metal laser cutting machine is used to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other types of steel.


ModelSF6020H5 / SF8020H5 / SF12020H5
Working area(inches)238.18″x99.6″/ 316.92″x99.6″/474.4″x99.6″
Laser power12KW / 20KW
Maximum velocity of movement656’/min
Maximum acceleration2.8G
X/y axis positioning accuracy±0.05mm/m
X/y axis repeated positioning accuracy± 0.02mm