SF2014CH-Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine(Max. Decoil Thickness 0.55”)

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SF2014CH-Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine(Max. Decoil Thickness 0.55”)

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SF2014CH-Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine(Max. De-Coil Thickness 0.55”) INTRODUCTION SF2014CH is a highly integrated coil fed laser cutting system, consisting of a de-coiler, blanking machine, laser cutting machine and automatic stacking system. Senfeng, has pushed the thickness capacity of coil to 0.55″ which is the first to apply this exclusive technology to practical production and make coil feeds for medium-thickness metals possible. It’s a flexible coil-fed production line which can be tailor-made to match specific material requirements. Laser blanking line offers many advantages thanks to its use of; a coil design, cost savings on raw materials, consistent manufacturing production and overall labor costs. This machine requires 208v @ 200a 3ph / 480v @ 100a 3ph electrical input. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS SF2014CH-ADVANTAGES Double-sided de-coiler: the maximum loading capacity of our double-sided de-coiler can reach to 66,000 lbs. One load can be processed for longer run-times, saving time and labor on frequent reloads. The plate positioning is composed of a guide roller/slider and a guide roller wheel, which can align the precise positioning of the plate and improve the efficiency. The fully automated assembly line design can achieve zero waste to the greatest extent and improve the utilization rate of the sheet. APPLICATION INDUSTRIES Medium thick coil laser cutting system, with highly flexible integration, this is widely used in various industries including sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, decoration advertising and more…


Coiled material thickness0.16″ -0.55″
Coiled material width39.37″ -78.74″
Inner diameter of coiled materialΦ24″ /Φ30″
Outer diameter of coiled materialΦ39.37″ -Φ70.86″
Coiled material weight≦ 66,000 lbs
Feeding accuracy±0.2″
Feeding speed (m/min)0-10
Feeding length0-20′