BDC-2500 Servo Electric Press Brake

BDC-2500 Servo Electric Press Brake

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-98.4" Bed

BDC-2500-Servo Electric Press Brake Introduction BDC-2500 Servo Electric Press Brake is an Machine for processing thin plates. Its main structure features; a tool holder, worktable, a clamping feeding device and a CNC operated table. The worktable is composed of a bristle-base and a positioning feed arm. The workpiece positioner clamped onto the worktable, articulates positions through the feeding mechanism, and the bending tool is driven by the tool holder. The Press Brakes body is processed by high precision  tempering to reduce the internal stress from manufacturing. This will ensure rigidity and maintain tolerance. The full servo control system provides precise feeding and bending tooling can complete the shape of non-right angles, right angles, circular arcs and dead edges. This machine requires 208v @ 200a 3ph / 480v @ 100a 3ph electrical input. Technical Parameters of Metal Sheet Bending Machine Various Bending Shapes The bending tool can complete the shape of non-right angle, right angle, circular arc and pressing dead edge. The BDC series is a new generation of fully automatic multilateral bending center. The bending speed is 3 times as fast compared to CNC bending machines. Full servo control can operate the bending accuracy. What’s the Industry Application of Servo Electric Press Brake? The Servo Control Metal Bending Machine is specialized for  Kitchenware, air conditioners, elevators, fans, ceiling curtain walls, office furniture, cabinets and more… Bending Samples


Bending length59.05″/78.74″/98.42″
Maximum bending height6.69″
Minimum molding size of four sides11.02″x11.02″
Minimum continuous bending speed0.5S
Bending angle0-180°
Max feeding speed393.7′ /min