Bodor M5-Series Flagship Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

Bodor M5-Series Flagship Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

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Fridley, MN


Nothing Compares to Bodor's Laser Cutting Products Along with its Intelligent Automation Process. The M5, is Equipped with 4-Chucks and Can Produce Precision Cuts with Maximum Productivity and Zero Waste of Materials.

Excellent Loading Capacity

Capable of Complex Cutting Requirements. The M5 is Ideal for Heavy Metal Tube Processing, Giving you the Ability to Cut Tubes with Diameters up to 530mm.

Zero Waste Material Efficiency

Minimize Manufacturing Waste from the First to the Last Cut. During Operations, the M5 will Help you Utilize Every Length of Material. This will Reduce Your Waste and Improve Efficiency.

Safety Enhancement

Bodor, Provides a Secure Operating Environment. The M5’s 4-chuck Mechanism Can Execute Repeated Cutting Accuracy with Very Little Operator Interaction with Proper CNC Programming.

New Floor-Standing Structure

The M5 Operates with Extreme Steadiness. Unlike Wall-Mounted designs, the Base of the Floor-Standing Structure is Level to the Ground, Providing a Stronger Foundation for the Cutting System as well as Ergonomic Access for Everyday Work. The Open Concept Engineering is Designed for Quick Setup and Installation.

Airtight Pneumatic Chuck & Intelligent Cutting Mode

Bodor’s Airtight Pneumatic Chuck is Intended to Balance the Act of High Efficiency. The 4-chuck Mechanism Clamps and Cuts in less than 2 seconds. Its Airtight Feature Makes the Chuck Dust-Resistant. This Means that Dust Cannot Interfere or Cause Misalignment During Material Clamping Operations.

The 4-Chucks also Enable the M5 to cut Effectively in two ways for; Heavy Tubes and Long-Sized Tubes. In Heavy-Cutting Mode, you will be able to Cut Tubes with Weight up to 3,000 kg. Using the Efficiency-Cutting Mode, you will be able to Cut Tubes with lengths up to 12,000 mm. Through Accelerating Different Cutting Processes, M5 is Excellent for Multi-Tasking Users with Heavy Workload.

Fully Automatic Setup

The M5 Can take your Production Materials and Automatically Load and Unload Processes Required for your Manufacturing. The M5 can be used for; Round, Square and Rectangular Tubes. Once Programming and Proper Material has been Loaded. There will be Minimal Hands-On Interaction After that. Reducing Machine Downtime. This Will Provide you with the Capability to have full Flexibility to Handle Both Large and Small productions.

Weld Seam Identification (Optional)

Using a Simple Camera Set-up, the M5 can Detect Weld Seams on a Variety of Material Shapes of Tubes, even those located on the inside. This Option is Applicable to Manufacturers who would like to avoid weld seams during laser cutting.

Bevel Cutting Head (Optional)

The Bevel Cutting Option of the M5 Enables the Production of High-Precision Bevel Cuts in Many Angles and Degrees, Optimizing Assembly Procedures and Welding Performance while lowering production costs.

Specifications & Parameters

Laser Output Power: 12,000W / 6,000W

Chuck Quantity: 4

Effective square tube cutting scope: □60*60-□530*530mm

Rectangular tube edge length: 60mm-530mm

Effective round tube cutting diameter:Φ60-Φ530mm

Max. machinable tube length: 12000mm

Max. chuck rotating speed: 40r/min

X/Y-axis positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm/m

X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy: ±0.03mm

Maximum tube weight: 3000kg


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