SF3015H-Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter – 5’ x 10′

SF3015H-Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter – 5’ x 10′

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SF3015H-Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter – 5’ x 10′ Introduction SF3015H fiber laser cutter is engineered for: 3KW to 6KW Laser Power sources, designed with a full enclosure, preventing dust, laser radiation and protection for Operators. Provided with a dust collection system this will reduce overall work area dust from cutting materials and reduce laser emissions. Features such as auto-exchange platforms; can save the material loading times and improve processing efficiency. The exchange platform takes 20 seconds to complete an exchange. For shipment this machine can fit into a 40HQ. The enclosure does not have to be dismantled before loading into a container, saving lots of unloading/installation/setup time. This machine requires 208v @ 200a 3ph / 480v @ 100a 3ph electrical input. SF3015H-Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter-Technical Parameters Cutting Materials and Thickness SF3015H-Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter-Advantages Work Area Footprint The size of the machine is 89.3″ x 326.7″ x 92.1″, and floor space is reduced by 22.2%. The entire machine can fit into a 40HQ. No need for a frame container, which can save freight cost. 2. Safe and Stable Operation Machinery enclosures provide full protection, also reducing potential laser damage. 3. High Degree of Automation The Autofocus Laser Head, aligns positioning and cutting accuracy. Automatic gas distribution can be designated for auxiliary gas or a high-pressure air compressor setup(sold separately). High Strength Machine-Bed Constructed with high-quality steel plates and tubes. Bases are annealed to eliminate structural stress Designed to maintain structural stability and resist shock/deformation 2. Negative Pressure Dust Removal System Baffles allow multiple air inlets to direct exhaust into a dust collector The machine base was engineered to drastically reduce smoke/dust/emission from cutting. 3. Intelligent CNC Operating System Software CYPCUT is an Operating System Software featuring; intelligent diagnosis, multi-threading operations, three-level perforation, laser energy control, adaptive edge-finding, automatic corner acceleration/deceleration, flight cutting, switching worktables, mechanical accuracy compensation and more…


Working area l x w120″ x 60″
Laser power3KW / 6KW
X/y axis positioning accuracy±0.05mm
X/y axis repeated positioning accuracy±0.02mm
Maximum velocity of movement426′ /min
Maximum acceleration1.0G