Bodor Welder 1500 Pro Self-Cooling Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Bodor Welder 1500 Pro Self-Cooling Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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The Bodor 1500 Watt Fiber Laser Welder, Can bring your welding projects to the next level. You can produce quality welds easily. The Bodor 1500 Watt Welder is ideal for operations at different workspaces. From prototypes to large-scale production.

Intelligent welding process support

Give your welding process additional drive with intelligent modern functions. The Bodor Welder Database incorporates welding parameters for steel from 1mm up to 4mm in terms of flat welds and fillet welds. Working as a beginner’s guide, it allows users with different levels of expertise to weld effortlessly.

Smart control knob

The control knob is easy to navigate. Users are able to manage their welding solutions in one setting. They can select welding process and adjust welding parameters (e.g. power, weld bead width, frequency, etc) The knob will automatically store customized parameters for their operations in the future.

Portable design, integrated power structure

Without built-in water tanks or cooling fans, BodorWelder 1500 Pro takes up a covering area of 0.24㎡. This compact machine aims to help users with complex welding jobs in diverse working scenarios. It also comes with a set of Bodor consumable welding nozzles, suited for different kinds of requirements.

Bodor Hand Held Pro Welder

Laser output power: 1500W

Maximum welding material thickness: 4mm

Optical fiber cable length: 10m

Overall weight: 55kg

Cooling method: Self-cooling

Dimensions: 760mm×325mm×540mm

Laser output: Continuous

Operating ambient temperature range: -20℃ - 60℃


Model1500W Hand Held Fiber Laser Welder