BODOR CT-Series Fiber Laser Sheet and Tube Cutting Machine

BODOR CT-Series Fiber Laser Sheet and Tube Cutting Machine

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Bodor's Base Fiber Laser Sheet & Tube Metal Cutting Machine with Full Enclosure. One Machine with Two Uses. The CT Series can Cut Both Metal Sheet and Metal Tube.

High Speed Cutting Database

Fast air cutting efficiency increases by 37% when cutting carbon steel.

Active Anti-Collision Function

Fiber laser heads are able to detect cutting obstacles to reduce potential damage to the laser cutter.

Bodor Lightning

The lightning-quick piercing process Uses Bodor-Genius. Initiated during Z-axis Movement.

Ultra Stable when Cutting Thin Sheet

The cutting process is still consistent even at the edge of thin sheets. Reducing the potential for material chatter marks.

One-click Processing

With One-click Processing, This laser cutter is capable of processing multiple sheets in batches.

Angle Steel and Channel Steel Cutting

Angle steel and channel steel can be easily programmed into the operating system.

Stretching Aluminum Crossbeam

Ultra-high-pressure stretching process and lightweight design; Rigidity increases by 60% ; Weight goes down by 20%; Laser cutter running speed increases by 50%

Modular Table

The modular table with stiffeners saves time for disassembly and improves convenience and rigidity.

Pneumatic Chuck

Cutting machine clamping becomes convenient, easy and fast. Without leaving clamping marks.

Working Area: 3048mm X 1524mm

Laser Output Power: 6000W / 3000W / 1500W

Positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm/m

Repositioning accuracy: ±0.03mm

Max. linkage speed:100m/min

Max. acceleration: 1G


ModelCT Series