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-146Ton 125.98"-Bed

BDE13032–CNC Press Brake INTRODUCTION This CNC Press Brake is designed to be operator-friendly, making it a safe and easy operation. It has a rigid steel frame to ensure precise bends and stable performance. With the DELEM-53T Operating system installed, provides a complete touch screen control solution for synchronized press brakes. This machine requires 50a-@208v 3ph / 30a-@480v 3ph Electrical. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Models :BDE5016/BDE10032/BDE13032/BDE17032/BDE25032/BDE25041 Bending capacity (TONS):56 / 112 / 130 / 200 / 250 / 281 / 359 Bending speed :up to 1/32″ BDE13032-CNC PRESS BRAKE ADVANTAGES The machine body is made of Q235B high quality steel. Our annealed steel bodies ensures; strength, accuracy and structural stability. Control Panels: 10.1″ wide screen high resolution color TFT, heavy duty multi touch technology, gives access to simple and concise user-interface. It enables direct “hot-key” touch navigation between product programming and actual production. High speed and high quality: modular tooling system is provided to increase the tool setup efficiency. Bending accuracy can reach ±1 mm, ±0.5° APPLICATION INDUSTRIES AND CUTTING SAMPLES Automotive, shipbuilding, electrical power, decorative, chassis, cabinets, elevators, door manufacturing and aerospace industry. Our CNC Press Brakes are playing a crucial role in modern manufacturing.


Bending length62.99″ / 98.42″ / 125.98″ / 161.41″
Machine inner distance47.24″ / 102.36″